Bridal Hijab inspiration | South Asian Brides

Back with more bridal inspiration YEY! Hijab or no Hijab for a bride can be quite a touchy topic for some, especially for south asians who generally never have segregated weddings. Whatever the choice, this is just a little inspo and encouragement for those of you opting to wear the Hijab on the day. There will be a non south asian bridal hijab inspiration post to follow. Hope this helps some of you bride-to-be's. I send my love for you to Insha'Allah, have an extremely special big day filled with happiness, blessings and love! None of these images belong to me, they were all found on pinterest. I may occasionally update this post if ever I come across any nice new images that may also be helpful.


As you can see, there are a few different ways you could wear it although I have to say, my favourite and in my opinion, most fitting for a classier look has to be the plain scarf and simply styled hijab with the chosen tikka or head piece.
I also like how most of most of these brides haven't gone for a bright red lip. Not everyone suits red lipstick and with south asian outfits and eye makeup being as they are, a neutral lip balances everything quite well and also proves it isn't compulsory to go with red. Either way, every single one of these women look beautiful Masha'Allah!!

Which style do you like best? 

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