Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali.
With a heavy heart I'm lost for words about what to say about you but I will say this... It was an honour sharing sufism with you. The day I switched on Ummah Channel and saw when you took bayah in Cyprus it melted my heart and made all sense. That you are who you are because you have believed in the real Tasawwuf. Not the one that everyone knows it to be today, the true one. Love for all humanity regardless of race, age, sex, religion. You are one who is all that tasawwuf teaches us rather than a simple follower of it.

You honoured your name 'Muhammed', You honoured your name 'Ali'.You are truly legendary.

Your name and beautiful self has over shadowed the darkness spread by the minority of fake muslims commiting atrocious crimes and that of the media that feeds on it. At a time much needed, you've given the word a different, more accurate picture of what it means to be a Muslim.

May Allah shower his mercy upon you, give you peace in your grave and give you Jannah with those whos names you honoured. Ameen.


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