Lost In A Book Tag

I recently came across this tag over on Areeba's blog. I'm a new reader of her blog and enjoyed reading her post (read here) so gave in to her open to all tag which was right up my street.

1. Do you have a certain place at home for reading?
My bedroom, the HQ, the lair. So comforting.

2. Where do you like to read? 
Well ofcoarse in my darling bed! The only place I get enough peace and quiet with my duvet pulled over the top of me.

3. Bookmark or random piece of paper? 
Random piece of paper. My current bookmarks are train tickets from my recent trip to Nottingham. Who knows.. maybe the fancy bookmark thing might just grow on me some day.

4. Can you just stop reading or do you have to stop at a chapter? 
I can just stop reading. Obviously I have to finish the paragraph though. Mainly because I don't have a lot of time and barely manage to fit in a few pages as it is so if the time's up, that's it.

5. Do you eat or drink while reading?

Surprisingly, no. I'm the No.1 snacker (idc if that's not a word) in the house but when I'm reading I like to keep my hands clean and free for flicking pages which relates to later question. I may have the odd cuppa green tea here and there though I often forget about it when I'm into the book.

6. E-reader or real book?
E-reader! I have a Kindle Paperwhite 5th Gen. I love how much space and money I'm saving. It regularly goes and currently is on offer for £89.99 so I recommend grabbing it if you're interested.

7. Music or television while reading? 
None. I can't concentrate when there's a show on in the background, I have to choose one or the other.

8. One book at a time or several at once? 
Unfortunately, I've become one of those people. I'm reading four books right now, two paperbacks and two e-books. It's always hard to pick which one to read in the little time I have but I tend to reach for my kindle because of how easy it is.

9. Reading at home or everywhere? 
It's either at home or on a long journey. Nothing else. I like to give my full attention to my surroundings when I'm out no matter how boring they may be.

10. Reading aloud or silently in your head? 
I always read silently.

11. Fiction or non-fiction?
Fiction is dreamy, I mean the word in it's literal sense. It's just an area of imagination you get to choose to go in and out of in a way.

12. Do you read ahead or skip pages?
I NEVER skip pages. I just can't. I feel like I might miss an important element of the book that will mess it all up for me later when something doesn't make sense.

13. Break the spine or keep a book like new? 
I like them to look like new, it shows I've cared for them properly as they deserve which is also why I wouldn't risk eating or drinking when I'm reading.

14. Do you write in your books? 
Another big no no in my book (heheh). I often end up lending my books out to people so like them to be presentable enough for someone else to read and enjoy. With my kindle its awesome that I can add notes if I choose without doing any permanent damage or making obvious markings on the pages.

15. Your favorite book? 
This is a hard one. Fiction one would be Elif Shafak - The Forty Rules of Love and non-fiction would have to be Imam Ghazali - My Dear Beloved Son.

I tag anyone and everyone reading this post no matter how late it gets. If you do choose to do it then please leave your blog name in the comments so I can have a read. Who knows, I may just find my new favourite book through you!


  1. I LOVE Elif Shafak's books so much, always so beautifully written! And woah 4 at time? That's so awesome, like a reading super power!!

  2. Thank you for stopping by! I've only read 40 Rules of Love but once I finish my four (lol!) I'll check out The Bastard of Istanbul. I'ts been difficult to decide which to go for first out of that, Black Milk or the Architect's Apprentice however now my mind is made :D

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